Brendon Mothwa

16th Aug 2014 General

Brendon Mothwa is 20 years old and lives at home with his parents in Tembisa. He attended Armour Foundation School in Tembisa and has basic reading and writing skills and is able to follow verbal instructions. He has a cheerful personality and is enthusiastic about learning new skills. He is keen to enter the labour market and become self supporting.

In 2013 Brendon successfully completed a life skills training course provided by Employability-Vulindlela, and funded by the National Lotteries Board. During this 12-month course, he acquired knowledge in personal finance, hygiene, life skills, basic computer skills, HIV awareness, interview techniques and relationship with employers. He also completed a Self-Advocacy course.

Throughout his training Brendon has always displayed energetic enthusiasm, initiative and an ability to initiate subjects of discussion.

Although Brendon has no formal work experience, he shows a capacity to learn and has good practical skills, which includes an interest in plumbing. He would be capable of working in most production line positions such as packing and assembling as well as cleaning. Brendon has an intellectual disability but is able to function well when undertaking general daily tasks. An Employability job coach would assist him initially by providing guidance in the workplace to ensure that he has a full understanding of what is required of him.