Job coaching

EmployAbility-Vulindlela currently has several trained Job Coaches who offer an onsite support service to both our client with a disability and their employer. EmployAbility will source a suitable candidate for a corporate client whilst at the same time also seeking the best possible placement for the client with a disability.

EmployAbility should not be seen as a recruitment agency but rather as a facilitator in the process. We have placed numerous persons with disabilities in the open-labour market, and 75% of these are people from economically disadvantaged communities in areas such as Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Alexandra, Soweto, Kathlehong and Tembisa. As a number of our clients benefit from additional training prior to entering the workplace we also place individuals on SETA-accredited learnerships.

The task of placing a person with an intellectual disability in the workplace has been proven achievable, but the process is both time and labour intensive. However, Employability has in the past surpassed its placement goal which is comparable to world practices, and we have successfully placed persons with disabilities in a large variety of posts, ranging from cleaning staff to assembly line assistants, receptionists, admin assistants, storekeepers, radio programme controller, draughtsman, and more.

Corporate disability education, sensitisation and awareness workshops

EmployAbility’s experience shows that the successful placement of a person with a disability is significantly increased when the recruitment process is supported by disability education, sensitisation and awareness training for managers and co-workers.

This training is experiential and non-threatening; educating participants in the legislative requirements that organisations must adhere to as well as creating opportunities for participants to explore societal and individual attitudes towards people with disabilities.

Funds generated from the fees charged for these workshops are an important revenue source for EmployAbility’s ongoing sustainability.

Life skills training project

In January 2013 EmployAbility introduced a life skills training project for young persons with intellectual disabilities from previously disadvantaged communities.

This programme is funded by the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund. Each course runs for approximately 12 months and life skills modules include  personal health and hygiene, basic computer skills, HIV awareness, interview techniques and relationship with employers, etc.

Training material and stationery are provided free of charge and learners receive a daily transport allowance, as well as refreshments.
In 2015 EmployAbility’s facilitators will have the opportunity to learn how to teach reading and spelling through Read for Africa, and this knowledge will be of benefit to those on the life skills course who experience difficulties with literacy.

The class of 2014:

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